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This is *awesome*. If you need a business idea, go here.

testimonial Andrew Wilkinson Co-founder of Tiny Capital

This could be a game changer for the SaaS ideation problem.

testimonial Charles-Eugène Loubao Solo SaaS Founder

This is amazing thanks for creating.

testimonial James Morgan Investor. Growth @ Proof (YC W18)

I find it quite great! To the point where I dont want you to launch it and have it exclusive. So guess thats a good sign.

testimonial Patrik Winkler Solo Founder


Discover undervalued assets

"One of the things I have been thinking about and haven't really executed but I think I would if I were starting today is that there is all these cool products that are on Product Hunt. Every day you think "that's cool". But most of them fizzle.

Sometimes they fail to catch and didn't go viral, but a lot of the time it's started by a developer and the developer doesn't understand how to market and grow something. So what I was thinking is that it would be smart to go through product hunt, go back 6 months, and just look at the coolest shit that came out. And then start approaching all these developers and say: "look I give you 5 grand".

And to them, they're like "This is useless to me, I've already shut it down, I don't want to pay for hosting". But for you it could be a 5 million dollar business."

- Andrew Wilkinson on the My First Million podcast.

Stop guessing and develop a data-driven launch strategy

The Product Explorer dataset allows you to explore the patterns behind successful product launches.

What kind of tagline do the most popular products use? When do they launch? How exactly do they position themselves?

Find promising product ideas

There are thousands of products that launch successfully each year. But only a small percentage of them tends to stand the test of time.

Using the Product Explorer data you can analyze what kind of products still strive years after the launch and which ideas get abandoned quickly.

Revive dead products

Marc Andreessen once observed that "there are no bad ideas. There are only early ideas."

Our database includes hundreds of products that got a lot of attention when they launched but are already dead now. Maybe now is the right time to revive them?

"There are tremendous opportunities to be found by sorting through dead, expired, or abandoned projects. Maybe the creator got bored? Maybe they moved onto bigger and better things? Perhaps they were great at building and bad at selling?" - Chris Bakke


Filter by Keyword

Easily find all products that contain a specific keyword in their tagline, description, or name.

This makes it easier, for example, to find all launches that mention "crypto" or "AI".

Filter by Search Traffic

Find products that are still popular today by filtering by search traffic.

This makes it easier to find products that are still popular today and that you can use as inspiration for your own product.

Filter by Domain Authority

Find products that attracted a lot of strong backlinks by filtering by domain authority.

This is useful, for example, if you're interested in purchasing projects for SEO purposes.

Filter by Launch Date

Find projects that launched many months ago by filtering by launch date.

This is especially useful if you're interested in older projects where the owner might be more motivated to sell.




Access to the complete dataset

Daily updates

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Do I need programming skills to use the Product Explorer data effectively?

No. All data is made available through a simple and thus it's easy to create, for example, custom filters.

Is the data always up-to-date?

No, all data is cached. Product Explorer is a research tool, not a monitoring tool. For most use-cases it won't make a big difference if, for example, a launch now has 172 or 181 upvotres. However, if you have a particularly time-sensitive use-case, Product Explorer is probably not the right tool for you.

How often is the data updated?

New data is added daily.

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